Start a webshop of your own in 2020

There has never been a time as lucrative as now to start an online store and start making an income for yourself via ecommerce. So far in 2020 we have seen a growth across our clients websites to the tune of 300% growth in online sales due to the covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


Something tells us this is the start of a trend. And like most trends, smart investors are usually the first to spot what is coming in the medium to long term.

shopify stock chart, rising immediately after the coronavirus

The world is no doubt going to change in a big way post Corona 2020, and online shopping and e-commerce is one of the industries ready to boom.

So with the influx of people shopping online, there has never been a better time to bring that idea you’ve had for a long time to life. Have you been planning on selling a good selection of premium organic products online or thinking of white-labelling some cosmetics and selling them online? Now is definitely the time, and those would be perfect ideas to begin with. For the next sector bound for growth is healthcare and organic foods. This is life post Corona 2020.

So the question then is where to begin with an online store. To those who have no clue, a daunting task for sure. There are options you may have heard such as Shopify, or WordPress shops, each with their own pro’s and cons. 

Having worked with both of the leading ecommerce solutions we can without a doubt reccomend a tailored wordpress solution to be the best for long term profitability. This is where Sitepro and our service fits in. WordPress alone can take you many months to learn even if you have programming experience. This is ofcourse not feasible for entrepreneurs simply looking to start a webshop and begin selling online in 2020. 

Here’s how we can supercharge your venture into online sales, and get you started near instantly. When you use our service, we assign you an inhouse wordpress engineer who will take care of setting up your webshop and website, and be available to offer help and customize your site to your liking. We also offer hosting services should you wish to host your site with us, allowing us to offer a full serive from start to finish, providing you with a webshop within 2 weeks and support thereafter for any questions you may have or tweaks that need to be done.


If your ready to start your new business, and take the steps to becoming your own boss, we’re ready to help you.